Blog 6: Connecting your studies to your academic exploration

This internship’s experience helped me to shape what I really want to do for the future. I was really happy working in the start-up environment and I think I learned more things by working and experiencing than reading books and taking courses. The one thing I really enjoyed was this environment, you learn from everyone and you get acclaimed when you do your part correctly. And there’s always want of doing things better and better, which motivates me to work and improve myself to be up to the level of the team. Working at Gwydion ascertained my passion for computer science and development. It even helped me to consider even specific courses I want to take in a higher level. It eventually influenced me to pursue a focus on computer science than data science. Although it was really interesting to apply statistics to data science I think focusing on computer science is more interesting for me. I am really happy that I worked at Gwydion, and am planning to continuously work as a part-time developer for the company. I can’t be sure of the future yet, but I think I will really enjoy working with this team. And when I get enough experience and confidence I will have my own start-up that will create educational games using Fully immersive VR device.

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