Blog: Informational Interview 2

Two of my closest friends that have attended the University of Michigan with me have greatly affected my career choice. One of my friends is doing a very similar to track to me, while the other one is 3 years older and is actually practicing the career I am interested in. I constantly keep in touch with them because I know their experiences are very similar to mine, and I make sure I keep up with them so that if there are any unexpected setbacks, I can be prepared for them.


With the friend who is on the similar track to me, I learned that the place I’m at in terms of graduating and achieving my ideal career goals is great. Me and my friend both make sure that we gain the best experience possible from any situation or experience we have the opportunity to undergo, and that was one thing that she taught me during the interview.


My other friend who’s in the ideal career I see myself working in was a great person to talk to at this time. She told me her experiences from adjusting from graduate school to an actual career. Based on the information I told her, she recommended that I continue to delve myself into many different categories of public health, because it will be an easier transition when applying to graduate school and picking a subspecialty to focus on in the field of public health.

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