What I wish I would have known

If I could go back and tell myself something at the beginning of my internship, it would be to take more initiative.

I have held many jobs before this internship, along with a brand management internship with a startup for the last year. At all of my jobs, I have been highly respected by my boss and often asked for input on decisions. At my internship, I had the opportunity to make large business decisions, such as pricing, advertising, and supply chain management. However, in my mind, all of those experiences were less “real” of a work experience. For whatever reasons, food service jobs feel different than what I assume is expected from a 9-5 job . Because my past internship was at a start up, I saw it as less of a legitimate work experience than an internship at a large corporation would offer.

With this mindset, I came into my internship more intimidated then I should have been. Looking back now, my role as an intern could have been more helpful if I had taken more initiative from the beginning. It is understandable that in a new, professional position, one would be hesitant to head up a project or offer important suggestions. However, I think everyone in this situation would have been better off if I had done just that. My past work experience has taught me so much, and I am definitely qualified to do the work  I have been doing.

In the future, I’m going to take credit for my abilities and not walk into situations underestimating myself. By taking charge from the beginning, I believe that I can pull myself and my career amazing places.

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