Blog Post #5: Connecting to Academic Exploration

This internship definitely confirmed the path that I set myself out on to become a lawyer.  It has also given me more insight into the things that I really like about the field vs the things that aren’t really my passion.  I found that I really like interacting with the clients and being in court, so that has led me to start researching which law schools have the most clinics, which is when second and third year law students have the opportunity to take on cases under supervision for credit.  On the contrary I discovered during my internship that I’m not a huge fan of either legal research/writing or dense reading, so I know that legal analysis and policy development are probably not avenues I’m going to want to take in the future.

Knowing these things about myself will help me in my future academic pursuits because I know what out-of-classroom experiences I’m going to want to have when I get into law school. This will influence my remaining time at Michigan in that I’m probably going to have to take some more reading-focused classes since I’ve identified that as a weak spot for me.  I’m looking into some philosophy courses since I’ve heard philosophy readings are pretty dense and I think that will prepare me for what comes next.

One thought on “Blog Post #5: Connecting to Academic Exploration

  • August 15, 2017 at 6:15 pm

    As someone also interested in law school, it was great to hear that your internship has helped influence the type of law you might be interested in studying. I have also found my internships and out-of-class experiences can be super helpful in determining my future career aspirations. I have taken a bunch of philosophy classes, and I would highly suggest Philosophy of Law! It is a really great class and would probably be very interesting to you since you would get to learn more about the legal system while using critical reading techniques in a philosophy course.


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