Coming to an End l Post 3

It’s hard to believe that last Friday marked 7 whole weeks at my internship. It’s even harder to believe that I now have less than two weeks left in LA before I return to Ann Arbor to start Fall classes. My time outside of Michigan has been such a fun, restful experience, and I’m not feeling ready to go back just yet.  I’ll be sad to leave LA, and really sad to leave my internship.

I’ve learned a lot at my internship and made a lot of connections with the awesome people who work there. The people at my internship have taught me a lot; both about the industry in which I want to work, and how to be a part of  a good work environment. Being at the office this Summer has taught me the importance of an uplifting workplace and working in something that makes you happy. I’ve really appreciated the social dynamics of my work place, and the friendships that many of the employees seem to have with each other.

The company also gives their employees a lot of freedom to set their own schedules, in order to work however they work best. The office supervision is not intrusive in the slightest. In other work environments I’ve been a part of there has been pressure to “look busy” whenever someone’s boss is around. The dynamic at my internship this Summer is not like that all. There seems to be a strong, trusting relationship between executives and the people who work under them that puts everyone at ease.

I think a good work environment is a super important factor in whether someone enjoys their work life/career or not. I hope when I am in my career I can find an environment like what I’ve experienced this Summer.

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