Continuing on after my internship | #6

My internship at PR Consulting has taught me a lot about a very specific niche of the fashion industry. I interned as a public relations assistant in an agency that handles multiple brands. I have always wanted to work more closely with one brand and work in-house for that brand, and working at PR Consulting has solidified that a little more. I loved being able to experience what working at a large, multi-brand firm was like but going forward I think I want to focus more on trying to work in-house for certain brands. Interning in public relations has also made me question if I want to do fashion public relations or if I want to branch out into a different field in the fashion industry. Meeting with designers at Calvin Klein over the summer made me realize how interested I am in design and how many artistic careers there are within design departments for clothing brands. Going forward in school, I will continue working towards a communications major but I will also focus a little more time on trying to complete an art&design minor at Stamps. I want to study as much as I can so that there are lots of opportunities waiting for me after graduation. I hope to join more art/fashion related clubs and possibly take some marketing classes to get a broader view of brand management.

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