Final Presentation | #5

Last week, nearing the end of our internship, our respective intern groups presented our marketing ideas (which we all worked on throughout the entire summer) in front of a panel of senior executive judges, along with others who decided to pop-in and join as audiences. This was not only a highly anticipated event for us, interns, but it was also an experience I’ll keep dear to me because it was a project that I took very great pride in as I was able to utilize the leadership skills I didn’t know I had.

We devised a marketing plan that consists of an advergaming idea, along with a call to action, to not only increase brand equity for the non-profit organization our company was partnering with but to also increase growth for 1-800-Flowers. While our ideas didn’t get chosen in the end to win, I personally felt that I had won because of all the enriching experience I had obtained throughout working on this project.  For example, I had the opportunity to utilize leadership skills that I didn’t even know I had as well as practice pitching ideas in front of senior execs, who not only challenged our ideas in a good way but also prepared us for our future careers.

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