Homeroom Time :) # 2

Last week was the first week of rehearsals for Primer for A Failed Superpower, and it was an absolutely amazing time. The show is rooted in themes of protests, resistance, and empowerment. Since it is a concert most of that takes place through the music of the show, but during rehearsals a portion of the time is dedicated towards community time or homeroom.

During this section the director creates prompts for the ensemble to take part in. These prompts lead ensemble members to explore themselves in their identities whether that is through geopolitical memories or formative situations that have taken place in their lives as well as various other structures. I’ve found these moments to be extremely powerful, and they’ve allowed me to go in depth about my own thinking. It somewhat reminds me of my experiences as a staff member on ResStaff when we do sharing activities to get closer to our co workers. This has proven to really help create a strong sense of community in the room, which sets up the music rehearsals to go fluidly. Some amazing things have taken place during the homeroom sections, and its really expanded my thinking artistically, which has been extremely rewarding.

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