Overcoming Obstacles CJ Na

The biggest obstacle I had to go through during internship was that I had to think of several systematic breakthroughs because there are no other companies that are doing an exact same thing as we are doing. For example, when we were originally supporting the smaller files, there was no issue with Unity’s object loader scheme, but we found out that in the bigger file, it took a minute or even longer to load the file, which would be unbearable for users. Considering this, I had to think of an entirely different way of loading file and displaying. I spent the whole day researching about the possible solution, and I hit the certain functionality in Unity to load and we started creating the server based on it. It took a really long time to actually implement the whole system and debugging it, but I am so happy that our current method is way better than what we had and more effective to heavier objects. When I started to doing research, I almost gave up finding “better solution”, but spending the whole day and eventually finding it was a really rewarding moment for me and my whole internship. Breaking through the obstacle gave me confidence that I can be of help in the industry.

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