Summer time in the city

As part of my project my professor wanted me to actually drive Uber or around 40 hours this summer. The process to sign up was fairly easy, I only needed insurance and a valid license. Unfortunately one of my documents was not “clear” enough in the photos and got rejected. I submitted another one, rejected. Then another, rejected. The amount of automation on Ubers sight creates a strange feedback loop. They don’t tell you why something got rejected, just that it had. It was near impossible to come in contact with human. It got quite frustrating!


After awhile I was finally able to start driving! It was completely boring. I have never sat in my car for so long in my entire life just waiting. Finally when i got a ride, they canceled half way there. I was so upset. I might have made 8 dollars over the span of two hours. I tried again the next day, and all of a sudden it was busy. I mad 40 dollars over the course of 2 hours. I started to feel bad for drivers, especially the ones where this is their entire life. The unpredictability stressed me out, and I had driven for 2 days. I could not imagine how awful it was for drivers.

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