The City that Never Sleeps #5

Last Friday, I ended my eight weeks working with SMBC in the Corporate Banking department. I got significantly more out of the experience than I thought I would going in. I significantly improved my knowledge base, especially as it pertains to credit and lending, and I also gained from learning what it’s like to work in a banking environment. Though certainly different from the large American or European banks, working as a full-time intern for SMBC was significantly different than my role in Australia last summer. The opportunity to experience this sort of work environment was incredibly valuable as a start to decide what I want to pursue after school.

The most beneficial part of my summer experience was learning what specifically within the broad umbrella of finance excites me. Obviously, not every moment of every day will be exciting and interesting but I want to start a career path that maximizes those exciting projects and responsibilities. I was able to learn the specific roles and responsibilities that truly interest me, which has allowed me to gain a better understanding of the careers that I want to pursue going forward.

This summer has been an incredible learning experience for me in every way possible. Going in, I had always described New York as “Chicago with a bad smell” but, throughout the summer, I became enamored by the constant buzz of activity and life that only New York City has. I learned what it’s like to work for a full day every day, which occasionally required some extra coffee. I learned so many things both professionally and personally that I can sit here for days typing but this is a blog not a novel so I will end with this. You may think you know what it’s like to live and work in New York City but, unless you’ve tried it, you really have no clue because there’s nothing quite like it and I will be forever grateful for my opportunity to find out for myself.

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  • August 14, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    Sounds like a rewarding experience! It seems like you gained valuable skills and various mentors while also enjoying all New York has to offer.


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