The gruesome reality – Week 9 at Martineau Leonard

After about 2 months of working in a Personal Injury law firm I have learned two things. The first being a much more cautious driver and the second being that car accidents can be just as gruesome as we see in the movies.

This last week I sat in on an accident reconstruction meeting for one of our clients who was in a 3-car pile up that included her physically being hit by one of the cars as well. Our firm hired outside help from a company that essentially uses the laws of physics by taking speeds, weights, and time to reconstruct how the accident happened. Because this specific accident happened at night, it is hard to see what the actual scenario is on footage that we have collected. I learned that vehicles actually record their impacts, so the man can take that information and add it to the reconstruction as well. After this meeting he creates an animation of how the accident occurred so that we can use it in court to prove to the insurance company and a jury that our client truly is not at fault and that the injuries she sustained were due to the negligence of someone else involved in the crash.

This particular case was especially hard to see and read about because In a blink of an eye our clients life was changed forever. This case still is developing so hopefully I will hear about the outcome in the early fall.

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