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One of the most unique things about Toronto is that it’s so multicultural. Luckily for me, that means the constant availability of food representing cultures from all over the world. Recently, I’ve taken advantage of the what seems like hundreds of Thai restaurants that are nearby. I think I’ve been to at least 5 different ones since being here, and have no bad things to say about any of them. I’m also sufficiently impressed with the spread of Caribbean food (some of my favorite) that is never in short supply around here.

However, I have tried my best to make my experience as classically “Canadian” when I can. For me, food-wise, this translated to poutine and beavertails. If you’ve never heard of these before, Poutine is what I usually refer to as french fry soup, but is essentially a pile of fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds. Beavertails, which I had never heard of before, are comparable to elephant ears. It’s fried dough covered with cinnamon, sugar, and if you’re anything like me, nutella. And, because Canada frequently draws from French culinary culture, crepes have been a go-to for me as well. Also with nutella, of course.

Though the food scene here is not terribly different from what you might find in New York or Chicago, I’ve enjoyed having so many good options within reach. I’m not overly enthusiastic about beavertails or poutine, but its been a pleasure to sample these Canadian staples, even if I have no intention of pursuing them once I’m back home. But, like I said, I have had no truly bad food experiences since being here and would recommend a number of restaurants very highly. However, if it’s life-changing cuisine you’re after, a day trip to Montreal might be worth the drive!


2 thoughts on “Toronto | #3

  • August 14, 2017 at 9:18 pm

    That sounds delicious! It’s always interesting for me to hear about subtle differences between Canadian and American culture. I appreciate that your post reminded me of Canadian culinary roots, which in many ways differs from the US.

  • August 15, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    Being very multicultural was another thing that I experienced while interning in Sydney this Summer. That was one thing that I did not expect when I went to intern. Also almost every couple I saw was interracial. This was something very new to me and not so present in America. On multiple occasions I wanted to survey people to ask them how they met and what their family, if anything, thought about their relationship. Of course that is weird and I never did it, but to think that such a world where seeing multiple interracial relationships existed, I didn’t expect to see for another 20 years at least.

    As for cuisine, there was a little bit of everything, but Asian food was the most common (just around China town). Chicken schnitzels were probably the most common dish and thought it was AMAZING how decorative the deserts were. My food experiences were usually a hit or miss. Either the food was good or not so great. I think the kanagroo I tried was probably one of the best things that I had. I am also from Chicago, and believe it’s not fair for me to judge food because I am used to eating a lot amazing food.


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