Wrapping Up The Internship: What I’ve Learned | Blog Post #5

My internship is coming to a close now, with just a week left, and I’m feeling more motivated to get my career rolling than ever. It definitely wasn’t an easy summer. I had to learn to adapt to a lot of roles that I didn’t even realize I would be playing, such as facilitating marketing for artists and designing the magazine, but these adaptations have molded me into a very well rounded individual. In addition to discovering these new interests and skills, my longstanding passions have been intensified. I have always loved to write, but this internship has added fuel to the fire. I constantly find myself making a mental list of potential new stories, and thanks to my blog, I now have a platform to share these ideas. My writing has also improved tremendously, as I have had to try to navigate the world of professional journalism. My ability to mix creative writing into professional writing has always been there, but I now feel a lot more confident. In addition to the internal benefits I feel, I also have made some really valuable connections. My boss has made it clear that she will always be there for either guidance or a recommendation or anything else we may need. Her long list of contacts is also at our disposal, she has told us.

Overall, I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity. I was given exposure to so many things including the city of Detroit, the entertainment field, and the many electric personalities I had the pleasure to collaborate with at the office. This is surely a summer I will never forget, and I sure hope that my next internship will be as fulfilling as this one

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