#6 Connecting your studies to your academic exploration

I’ve always been interested in finance and I further determined I want to pursue a career in finance, specially in asset management going through my internship. What really excites me in finance is that the market is always changing every day and everything is different. I like working in an environment where I am consistently learning new things and challenging myself. At the meantime, I also realized there are areas that I need to improve in – hone technical skills in finance, specifically in accounting, asset allocation and corporate finance. But more importantly, I realized public speaking skills and presentation skills are as important as technical knowledge. I felt appreciated that I got mentorship and training on public presentation on a weekly basis but it is definitely an area that I neglected and I need to focus more in.


As for my last year at Michigan, I want to take advantage of Ross’s selective finance classes to hone my technical skills, for example –  asset allocation and corporate finance. At the meantime, I will also participate in Toastmaster on a weekly basis and presentation opportunities at my student club to polish my public speaking skills. I firmly believe to be a successful in finance, one not only needs to be equipped with the right technical skills but also need good communication and presentation skills.

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