Best Day Yet | Blog Post #3

August is probably the best month day I’ve had thus far this summer. To start it off, my favorite up and coming musician announced his concert dates and he will be performing on my birthday in October! First sign that this month will be great.

During our pitch sessions, after weeks of sharing ideas my idea was picked! I was instructed to create a logline and look farther into research and I was blown away. I honestly thought my ideas were never going to be picked after being politely rejected for nearly two months because I will still learning network expectations. I’m so excited that my idea has the chance of going through production while I finish off my semester at Michigan this fall.

Afterwards, I visited our sister company Oprah Winfrey Network and was treated lunch by one of the bosses and she was the sweetest. While this was my second time there I was still very excited. During lunch the president of OWN walked over to me and introduced himself to me like I hadn’t already knew who he was! I was rushing to gulp my food down so I could make sense of what was happening. He learned that I already knew who he was and wanted me to visit his office when I finally toured the place again.

While I wasn’t able to walk around the entire building again like I had before it was still a feeling of comfort and belonging in the office that resonated with me that I will never forget. #FutureOWNDirector


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  • August 18, 2017 at 7:04 pm

    How fantastic! Congratulations Antoinette on having your idea selected.


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