Blog #6: Take Aways

This internship gave me a ton of clarity academically and professionally.

Before this internship, I had completed internships in food, fashion, and lifestyle. I’ve worked in a photographer’s studio, another PR firm, and at a popular magazine. Going into this experience, my goal was to try something new: Sports. My other goal was to see the light and figure out WHAT in the world it is I want to do. I’ve always known I want to pursue something on the more creative side of business, and I’ve always known my passions lie in food, fashion, art, and design. But until now, my passions have been scattered, and I’ve had trouble deciding which of these passions I’d ultimately like to pursue.

I think I knew PR wasn’t for me before entering this internship. I’m really interested in the content creation aspect of marketing and advertising, and I’m not sure if I really got as much experience in the area as I had hoped I would get going into this experience. But, M&C was an amazing place to be to be able to dip my feet into a lot of different brands, and experience clients I wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise. I’m not sure if sports leagues are necessarily my niche, but I really enjoyed the sports lifestyle and fashion aspect to brands like Reebok, Oakley, and Adidas Hockey. My absolute favorite day of this entire internship was the Reebok event I had the opportunity to be a part of–I was practically drooling over all of the Reebok collection pieces.

With that said, it’s clear to me that my true passion is for fashion (ha ha). I could definitely see myself working in marketing for an athleisure brand, or on the flip side, a luxury brand. M&C undoubtedly helped me realize my interest in working in-house and pursuing a field I’ve been apprehensive about until now. Academically, I’m loading my schedule with marketing and design oriented courses this next semester, including Graphic Design, Fashion Media, and Persuasive Communication. Thinking ahead to applying to full-time positions, I want to focus on singular brands within the sports and fashion industry–brands I can truly be passionate about. Though I’m confident this is what I want to pursue, I’m even open to the idea of another internship post graduation, or a long-term training program to help prepare me for my career ahead.

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