Blog#3-Describe your home away from home

This summer I am interning in Chicago as I have mentioned in my previous blog posts. Chicago is an awesome city and I really enjoy it. I am from Michigan and thus Chicago still has that midwest “feel”. In many ways Chicago feels like home to me just because of that reason. Also one of the reasons that it has been so great here is that I have met a bunch of college age students like myself. This was really only possible because I am living in student housing this summer. Being able to live around other college students has my summer quite busy because I have befriended a lot of students in my building. This was actually something that I was really worried about before coming to Chicago. I didn’t really know that many people in the city and was worried about making other friends. I knew a few but not many. However thanks to me living in the student housing I have met a bunch of people and thus have hung out with them in the city. That is why I am recommending that any college student who goes to a different city for the summer live in that type of housing.

One thought on “Blog#3-Describe your home away from home

  • August 15, 2017 at 8:21 pm

    I had the complete same experience moving to DC over the summer. It’s truly daunting to relocate to a new city without knowing anybody. Although it always sounds cheesy, living in student housing or program arrangement always is a great way to make friends.


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