Company Relationships #4

As the summer is coming to an end along with my internship, I am making many conclusive observations about what makes a business and workspace great. Torrent Consulting is a company that prioritizes the quality of work conditions and company culture. In order to have success in creating a productive and enjoyable environment Torrent has clearly identified it’s core values and has invested in the people who embody those values.

My conversations about what draws Torrent’s employees to the company are all related. They all revolve around a motivation to have a great impact on their community. This is also a main reason that I have been enthused about working at Torrent.  This has also been a driving factor in my relationships with my coworkers. We all have similar values, goals, and outlooks on life which make conversations easy and meaningful.

Torrent helps foster these connections by creating the opportunity to connect with one another and learn each other’s life stories. Every couple of weeks Torrent does a “People Series” where two or three people in the company will have a presentation filled with pictures that outline their life thus far as well as their future goals. Unfortunately, interns don’t get this same opportunity but I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about my coworkers!


I am approaching my final year as a University of Michigan undergrad. I am currently interning at Torrent Consulting as an application developer. I major in informatics and hail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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