First time being in Europe | #1

This summer, I will work at the Fulbright Commission in Bratislava, Slovakia, mainly dealing with technical stuff in the commission such as database management and data analysis. There are three reasons why I choose this internship.

First, the research experience is exactly what I am looking for in my sophomore year. As a transfer student who stays in Ann Arbor just for a year, I feel like the chance of exposing myself to the research is still not enough. I believe this internship can strengthen both of my qualitative and quantitative skills.

In addition, I am always dreaming of visiting Europe. As a 20-year-old Chinese student who has already been to China(definitely) and the U.S., Europe is another place filled with ample history and unique culture. And because there are tons of countries in Europe and the size of Europe is just the same as China, I believe the cultural there should be a lot more diverse than China. Thus I am so excited that I can meet different people and experience the different culture in Europe, and compare it with things in China and the U.S.

Finally, as is stated in the offer letter, I will only work for 20 hours a week. That means in the rest of the time in a week I can freely go traveling, without being bothered by the work.

Europe, I am coming!

2 thoughts on “First time being in Europe | #1

  • August 16, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    This is exciting, Tong! I share your desire to travel Europe as well. I’ve never been other than for connecting flights and layovers, but I’ve heard great things. I’ve been to India, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, and Singapore, but never Europe! China sounds amazing as well and I’m excited to hear more about your adventures. Take lots of pictures and enjoy your free time to travel!

  • August 29, 2017 at 3:43 am

    Congratulations! My first trip to Europe was great as well. So much history and a unique culture as you said. I enjoyed reading your blog.


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