Hidden Gem in Michigan

I’m originally from Delaware and the proximity to cities like New York, Philadelphia, and DC have made me a total city girl. I’ve always wanted to work in a city. By working at Start Garden, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I was truly satisfied. I got the opportunity to live in a city town where the food options are abundant and the people are always cheerful and nice. It reminded me of my beloved Ann Arbor college town.


On my first day at work, I learned that Grand Rapids is the home of Founder’s Brewing Company which is ranked as one the top five breweries in America. I never imagined this nook of a city in this entire America would have the best beer. Though I couldn’t taste the beverages, Start Garden’s Thursday Happy Hours were filled with the laughter and beer from the best brewery.


On a more serious note, I learned about how decentralized Grand Rapids has become. Walking from my house to work, I encountered countless homeless people. It always broke my heart because I want to help, but you can’t possibly help them all. I took up volunteering at local shelter homes and mission groups to help those in need to do my part.


All in all, I would definitely return to Grand Rapids. It’s a hidden gem that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to explore had it not been for my internship at Start Garden. #ForeverGrateful

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