Information Interview 1 Lead Programmer

I’ve had an informational Interview with H, our lead programmer in I connected with H because he was a great programmer and great organizer, as well as he worked at the Neurable.Inc which is neural signal company connecting to the VR headset. With these two interesting point, I wanted to ask him how it was like to work at Neurable and what was the most difficult thing in working in a start-up environment.

H responded me that the hardest thing working at Neurable, and working at startup was that there was no similar service that he can copy from and he had to be creative in the way he constructs the service. He was creating the proto-type machine learning device for the neural signal but since there was no similar service he had to think of concept by himself. However, he seemed to be really happy that he managed to overcome that obstacle, and he claimed that he learned the most from working on it by himself and putting everything together by himself.

I think what he told me really influenced me how to be a better programmer and more brave entrepreneur. I learned how to think about the new things undaunted.


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