Informational Interview #1

My first informational interview was with a new employee in the company. It had been a few days since joined, and as a recent graduate with a job, I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about them and how they got to the position they are in.

Through his raw passion and strong work ethic, he showcased his curiosity to learn more and grow as an individual. Through networking and his passion, he impressed the company and joined right after graduating from college.

From talking to him, I realized the importance of finding your passion, but also finding a way to showcase it and share your knowledge, opinions and ideas with society. I learned that this not only helps one grow their perspectives and thoughts, but also helps one contribute to their field. It also opens up more opportunities to meet and network with other people who share the same passion, to open up future opportunities. He provided me with some suggestions on how to showcase and share my passion through different forms of media, alongside some of his experiences with the same and how he felt they impacted his growth as an individual.

Vinita C

As a Business major with minors in Economics and Computer Science, I'm fascinated with how the technology-business world works and what makes one tech company more successful than another.

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