Informational Interview #2

My second informational interview was with someone who has a job position that really intrigues me, and is a career possibility I am considering.

It was a good opportunity to ask her what experience really made her realize that this job was the perfect fit for her. I then learned that she had worked in many companies, in different segments and positions, in multinational and start-ups, all of which allowed her to discover her interests. She talked to me about her experiences in these different types of companies and positions, especially the difference in work cultures and how important this is to have fulfillment for the long term.

She told me about what she enjoyed the most in her job, and how she feels she contributes back with it. I personally found it quite inspiring and want to continue to explore the field at college by taking more classes on it and getting a deeper, conceptual understanding. The interview excited me because her job really sounded like something I would love to do in the future that I could start exploring today.

Vinita C

As a Business major with minors in Economics and Computer Science, I'm fascinated with how the technology-business world works and what makes one tech company more successful than another.

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