New Music # 3

When I first came on board with the TEAM this summer I joined as a production intern. Midway through the process the music team for Primer for a Failed Superpower needed a music assistant to help assist with their needs in regards to organizing files, music, and helping track all the different pieces that would ensure the shows success. Since I am voice major, and have a working knowledge of music my production supervisor thought it’d be a great idea for me to take this on. It was!

The people on the music team were so warm and kind in taking me in, and genuinely made an effort to make me feel like I was part of the team. Through the process I’ve learned so much about the production side of mounting a concert, and the musical logistics of putting all the pieces together. This means organizing music, keeping track of music drafts, voice parts, and assisting wherever I’m needed. I’ve been able to really take ownership in my projects as a production intern and as a music assistant. I’ve also come into contact with some great composers who make phenomenal art.

Listening to the music, and seeing the development of the different pieces has been amazing. There is so much power in each of the pieces, and they each have their own way of representing themes of self expression, empowerment, love, and unity.Throughout the rehearsal process composers have come in to workshop their pieces, which is something that I don’t often get to experience as an artist. It’s amazing to see the people who’ve created a piece come in and explain their vision to the cast, and see their own fulfillment in sharing their art. This process continues to be so fulfilling and eye opening in so many different ways, and I’ve been so gracious for the opportunity.

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