#5 I Like (not Love) Research

This internship was helpful in deciding how I felt about research. I want to go into Forensic Psychology which requires a PhD. PhD’s in of themselves generally require 6 years of research during which you are studying and publishing papers. I have now worked in 3 labs as an undergrad 2 of which were during the year. The last one, this internship, was during a time when I did not have class or other responsibilities so it gave me a chance to really see how I liked research and if it was something I wanted to do for a minimum of 6 years.

The outcome is: while I do not want to be a researcher or work in academia for the rest of my life, I have a passion for the work and an interest in the results and questions that will allow me to pursue my PhD without hesitation.

I learned how to conduct literature reviews and clinical interviews and the day in and day out of working as a research assistant. I loved what I was doing without the added stress of taking classes and working and really felt like I could pursue this in the future. I only wish I had had more responsibility but that will come with graduating college and getting my footing in the future.

I recommend that when trying to figure out what you want to do in life you try it out, for a job or an internship before committing to that line of work or to a degree that takes up a drastic amount of time in your life. This internship allowed me to do just that and I feel confident in my future career.

Danielle Harrison

I am a senior studying Psychology with a double minor in Crime and Justice and PiTE. I am completing an internship as a Research Assistant with Columbia University in the Global Psychiatric Epidemiology Group.

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