A “Roc”in’ Summer #6

ALA 225,

A “Roc”in’ summer it has been indeed. I am now disappointed each morning when I wake up, unable to go to the Roc Nation office to learn more about the industry. I have learned so many things from the knowledgable people at Roc. Most lessons of course, involved the best ways to market and create partnerships for our clients, but other lessons were ones in which I will always carry on with me. My favorite summer lesson is one that I have learned all my life. Though, as I continue to mature and come across different experiences, the meaning changes. This lesson is to treat others the way you want to be treated. This is something the vice president of my team told me is extremely important when doing business. If you come off as a rude or unfriendly businessman, others will not want to work with you or trust you with their clients or money. You are always marketing yourself as a professional. You also do not know where people will end up one day. For instance, let’s say you were rude to someone you met in passing, it is possible that they may end up as your co-employee, or even boss. I am proud to say that my experience at Roc Nation has solidified my desire to work in this industry. I loved the work I was doing in both the marketing and entertainment aspects. I am currently enrolled in the Ross Sales Track at the University of Michigan and am considering taking some sports management classes as well, all thanks to RN.



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