A Small But Important Obstacle

As a part of the internship experience, all interns at this record label were assigned to groups and given a project to be presented to office executives at the end of the summer. During our first meeting as a complete group, I volunteered to be the team leader in order to delegate roles to different members of the group and make sure we stayed on track with our deadlines throughout the summer. During this initial meeting I stressed the importance of everyone holding his or her own weight and contributing equally to producing a great outcome.

During our second meeting it was time to start brainstorming creative ideas for our project. One of the team members proposed his thoughts and immediately everyone loved his recommendations. However, one of my team members was not shy to challenge this idea and question whether it made sense, in a not-so-nice tone. I could sense the hostility of my team members in this situation after the boy who contested the great idea spilled his feelings. They began to argue with the boy and he began to argue back. Finally, I stepped in and asked his opinion on the matter and how he would fix or add to the idea to make it any better. Using his input, we were able to come up with an even better idea after deep thought and creative consideration.

While this challenge wasn’t monumental, it did highlight the inevitable fact that in the work place, they’ll always be many varying personalities and opinions. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and educations and not everyone is going to get along. However, it is important to listen to everyone, be fair, and give everyone a chance, because it just might turn out for the best as it did with my internship project.

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