And That’s It — Goodbye LA!!!

Hello fam and anyone still reading this,

I’ve been back home for a couple days now recovering from the 3 hour time change 🙂 It’s crazy to think how much I miss it, so much so that I’m having post-LA depression vibes. Everything in LA is so fast, energetic… someone calls you to do something the day before and you’re ready to go the next day. Plans change all the time, every Uber driver is in the entertainment industry, and the whole city is like a huge Linkedin feeding ground (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten business cards off the street or in Ubers). This summer was really important for me because there is a certain privilege and naivety you’re allowed to have when you say you’re a student on an internship — people are more willing to help you, your mistakes are more easily forgiven, and everyone wants to take you under their wing because not only do they know what’s it like to have been there, people just love giving advice. Every networking coffee date I’ve been on, I’ve never asked what someone can do for me job-wise, I’ve always asked people to share their stories. Not only is it free for them to do so, everyone loves talking about themselves. They feel like their time and experiences are being valued and appreciated.

Next year I plan to move back to LA for a job. I used this summer as an opportunity to get acquainted with the city and it’s crazy inhabitants and I’m confident to say that I’m 100% comfortable coming back to live in the city for good. I had that leeway of saying “it’s my first time in the city” and “I’m not really sure what I’m doing” or even “I’m just a student, I’m just figuring it out.” However, next year it’ll be a whole new ball game. I’ll be expected to know what to do in an office setting and know my way around (except I’m so scared of driving in LA welp!). I’m just hoping I’ll be ready to do so.

10 Cool Things I Got To Do Only Because I Was in LA:

  1. Attend a Jimmy Fallon taping
  2. Go to a live taping of SYTYCD and be inches away from Cat Deely!
  3. Network Network Network like crazy
  4. Eat at Instagram worthy restaurants
  5. Make LA friends so I won’t be lonely when I move back
  6. See where all the famuzz ppl live 🙂
  7. Recognize every place they go to in Entourage
  8. Look at Snapchat and realize that a bunch of celebs are literally walking down the street I live on
  9. PA’d on a shoot where we taped at an exclusive gym that The Rock, the Jonas Brothers, and Demi Lovato go to
  10. Gawk at Dave Franco in a parking garage

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