Blog #4: Midpoint Evaluation

There are two more weeks left to my summer internship at Brock. Looking back, I have learned so much within the past two months. In the beginning of my internship, it was challenging due to my lack of knowledge in investment banking, especially modeling and financial valuations. I decided to schedule a coffee chat with my managing director to discuss skill areas I needed to work on to meet the expectations of the job. I stayed after work every night to go over new banking concepts and terms I was unfamiliar with. On the weekends, I spent some spare time building my own financial model to test what I have learned at Brock. Meanwhile, I actively sought help from my coworkers and used their feedback to improve my performance.

As of now, I would say that I gained a great understanding of financial statements and the deal process before even taking advanced finance classes in the business school. Throughout the internship, I expanded my knowledge in investment banking through working on deals across various industries, such as shipping, media and gaming areas. I was able to see one deal from open to close, which is very rewarding. Through compiling numbers to support assumptions in DCF and Public Company Comparable models, I was able to dive deeper into the financial statements and create larger impact with my work. At the same time, I learned the essentiality of strong work ethic, which is a sense of responsibility and putting my heart to achieve my goal. Therefore, I am proud to say that my work ethic manifested itself through the hard work that I put and am willing to put towards any goal.


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