Blog Post #4

This summer was the first summer that I had an internship away from home. I grew up in Manhattan and so I felt that it was important to experiment living and working some place else. Having my own apartment and friends to come home to after work allowed me to take my days at work more seriously because having this life style in a place that isn’t home makes me feel like I am on my own, giving me a sneak peak of how real life might be. As for my goals I wrote about in my first blog post, I definitely worked hard to fulfill those goals. I had acknowledged that I am aware of being a slow reader, and that still seems to be the case; however, in the past, I have never bothered reading a book for pleasure because of how long I knew it would take me to read. Now I love reading and although I’m still slow, enjoying it is something new to me, and I find that to be a great quality to have obtained from this internship experience. I honestly surprised myself with how much work I put into this internship and am impressed with my hard work. I never felt like I was struggling, but there was definitely a pressure to submit excellent work, which in the long-run ended up being a good thing because without that pressure, it is hard to find the right motivation. I always felt satisfied at the end of a long day and because I had so much to do, the day didn’t even feel so long and I was never allowed to leave before 7. When I first heard that it was a 9-7 job I obviously thought it would be brutal having to stay so long, but it turned out to be necessary. 5 o’clock would roll around and I would still have many pages to read or coverages to write so I needed the extra two hours. I also made sure everyone in the company knew who I was. I greeted everyone with a smile and learned everyone’s name by the end of the first week and I know small things like that help me get remembered.

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