Department of Justice, Office for Civil Rights #5

As my last week here at the Department of Justice in Washington, DC comes to an end, I can happily say that I have learned so much more than I could have imagined and created great friendships with my coworkers and supervisor. With my Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) project nearly complete, I have had a few extended meetings with my supervisor over the past couple weeks to make sure it can all come together so it can be implemented on the official Equal Employment Opportunity Program website. There are nearly 70 FAQs divided into several sections, where recipients of Department of Justice funding can read about their reporting requirements and have help creating their online organizational profiles.

I have created a great network of friends and colleagues here in DC this summer, and I will be sure to stay in contact with each person as well as I can. I had lunch and a phone informational interview with a couple very successful attorneys, and I am very thankful they each took the time to share with me some of their experiences and knowledge. I am also incredibly thankful to my supervisor who has been incredibly welcoming, nice, funny, and taught me a lot about government, equal employment, and career paths.

I hope everyone else who has posted here has also had an incredible experience this summer in their internship, and I look forward to being back in Ann Arbor for the Fall!

Felipe Munoz

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