End of Internships | #3

It turns out I was always traveling alone in the trips in Europe. I have been to Bratislava (the place where I work), Berlin, Paris and finally Rome. All alone. Now I view it positively – traveling alone in Europe is not an easy thing. Each time I went to a new city, I had to book the hotels, make travel plans, look for discounts. It really made me sometimes exhausted that the time I just went back to my dorm I had to make plans for the trip next time. But from another perspective, I become more independent and mature. I am gradually fond of reading books during my wait for flights, buses, and subways and time always flew.

Speaking about the favorite projects I did at work, I prefer the final one that lets me create a database and make summary statistics on the number of Slovakian high school students studying abroad. I extract the data from the United Nation Database, clean the data in Excel including deleting countries with empty rows of data, and create line charts to visualize the trends of high school students. This whole analysis lets me get the feeling of how a project is like.

This internship offers me valuable experience of working in a professional environment, which prepares myself to work in the consulting firm the next summer. It deepens my understanding of dealing with the relationship with colleagues who are much older than me, and how to act professionally during work. That being said, I would prefer some more technical work, not only dealing with data in Excel but running serious quantitative analysis.

I would like to give advice to someone that will have an internship here. The colleagues here are very very nice. Nora, Juraj and Deniska are friendly people. They want you to enjoy the life. They give a lot of traveling advice. They want to make sure you live comfortably in Europe. However, I guess we should also not forget we are making impacts in their office! So don’t stay too comfortable haha.

Go blue!

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