Getting Into a Groove #4

By the beginning of the third month of my internship, I was starting to really feel confident in my capabilities. At this point, Dylan would assign me tasks and I would be able to complete them without questioning myself or worrying that I might make a mistake. I had also grown to communicate more efficiently with Dylan, something that contributed greatly to my increase in confidence. It was around this time that some new undergrads started working in the lab. I had previously been the only one during the first two months of my internship, so it was a nice change of pace to meet and work with students that were in circumstances similar to mine. I remember speaking with one of the undergrads  that had spent the previous school year working in the lab. She and I discussed all the frustrations and stupid mistakes we made starting out, and it was nice to bond in that way. It made me feel less alone in my struggles during the beginning of my internship. Overall, I really enjoyed feeling more independent at this stage of my time in the lab. Dylan also began giving me a more diverse set of tasks since I was able to take on and handle more, which was fun because it seemed as if I was getting a little taste of everything that went on in the lab.

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