Informational Interview #2

The second person I decided to interview does not have a career I would like to follow but rather works in a field where the products of Valiant, the company I am interning with, are needed. The person that was interviewed is a strength and conditioning coach. The reason I chose to interview this person is because I wanted to get some more insight on how Valiant could differentiate their products from someone who wears athletic clothing on a daily basis and also sees what people like to wear in the gym. While talking to him I learned that even for athletic clothing there are always new trends people are following. He thinks that in order for Valiant to be successful in a market dominated by Nike and Adidas they need to think outside the box when creating products because those companies have so much expendable cash they are always coming up with new technologies. This interview was important for me because although it may not answer questions involving my future career it helps me gain knowledge with my current job and allows me to translate that information to Valiant. Hearing first-hand from a customer about products is always the best way to figure out how you can improve your product!

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