Informational Interview #2 | The Outside Source

After speaking with someone inside the agency I’ve been working for, it came time to find someone outside the agency. The outside source. Someone whose work environment I hadn’t experienced. That person took a while to find. Until I came across someone that I realized was perfect! While interviewing this person who is in the marketing industry for a healthcare instruments company, it was a different take on marketing. A different understanding of marketing.

While at the firm I’ve been working for, we experienced different clients all the way from career colleges to jewelry companies to fitness centers to doctors offices, but what remained untouched by our firm was the actual healthcare supplies industry. An industry that most people don’t think twice about, or, in reality, don’t even think about once. While I was speaking with the interviewee about their job at this healthcare instruments company, it was interesting to understand the importance that cleanliness, safety, and professionalism played in each marketing strategy they employed. The difference being that they are selling to people who will know absolutely everything about the products their buying and therefore, the marketing isn’t just about putting forth a nice looking platform, but also being able to put forward a product that would be above and beyond.

This was a different take on marketing that I hadn’t thought about as I was mainly concerned with the look of campaigns and how they captured those looking.

I am so grateful for this new view on marketing from the angle of a field I hadn’t yet seen during my internship.

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