Last week in ***The City of Stars***

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m sitting a Studio 71 thinking about how this is my last week in the city. My manager, Matt, isn’t here yet so I’m trying to be productive by writing this blog post. I can’t believe I’ve been here for over 2 months now — it feels like I’ve been living here forever. I haven’t posted in a couple weeks, but I’ve managed to stay extremely busy since then.

Two weeks ago, through the SAC Speaker Series, us interns got to meet Miguel Sapochnik, the director who won a DGA and an Emmy for the episode “Battle of the Bastards” on Game of Thrones. He showed us the episode, and then took us step-by-step through on how he directed the episode. What’s even better is that I actually go to sit right next to him in the room!

Also two weeks ago, I went to a recruiting event at UTA (United Talent Agency). They invited me to a 2-day event in which they brought in various agents, coordinators, and assistants from different departments to come speak to us. We also spoke to the interns/agent trainees and an in-depth tour of the office. On the 2nd day of the event, 6 people got promoted within the company so the recruits were able to join the employees in a celebration that included hand-dipped ice cream and champagne. Not only was it a great networking experience, the recruiting event could be instrumental in getting me a job after I graduate.

So here’s to my last week here. I ordered my boss a cute little personalized mug that says “I Love My Intern” on the front and then has some inside jokes between us on the back. I’m not looking forward to my last day, but I do love giving gifts 🙂



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