My Favorite Project

I have done quite a few videography projects in the last few months. After spending hours and hours filming and editing, equal parts frustration and joy, I honestly feel like all of my videos end up being my babies, whether I was glad it was finally over or had enjoyed every second of making it. It’s hard to say which is my favorite– is it the project I enjoyed working on the most? Or is it the project that was the hardest to make but made me really proud of the end result?

There were a few videos which I animated for. Animation is a wonder in itself. Anyone who animates know how many hours it can take just to get a few seconds of results. It can be mind-numbing at times, but I also found that these hours tended to fly by. I’m always really happy with what I create, because it wasn’t always required of me to have an animated intro. It was just the extra mile I went to make my video a step above the rest. The clients usually loved them. I also feel like they’ll make a good addition to my reel. Any video I’ve animated for holds a special place in my heart.

There are two specific projects that are currently tied for my favorite project. The first is the Adventure Leadership Center virtual tour video that I mentioned in my first post. The stuff that we were filming had a lot of action and emotion. It was outside in the forest so there was a lot of opportunity for really beautiful shots. The group we filmed with was just really fun to work with and shoot. I was really excited that I was chosen out of the videographers to edit it, because editing it was just as fun as shooting it. The action provided for an exciting and quick paced video. It was my job to make the place look exciting and fun, and the fast pace was just really fun to edit. Even though that was months ago, I find myself thinking about it often and wishing I had the opportunity to edit more projects such as that one. I was pretty disappointed when I had to edit interviews while my coworkers sometimes got more exciting projects, but I think it was important for me to learn how to work hard on something I found less exciting and turning those into a successful project in their own way.

The second project is my most recent project, which was a series of short videos designed to help the office hire a composer. My boss came to me and asked me to make three videos with different rec sports footage. They would send the videos to potential composers as part of the application for the job. The composers then had to compose music for the different videos. I was so excited because it really gave me the opportunity to practice my emotional editing. Music is a huge component of adding tension, emotion, and meaning to a video. I had to edit in a way that communicated this emotion WITHOUT the music, so that the composer could understand what I was communicating and add to the emotion by composing the right music. I can’t wait until the results come back. It’d be amazing to work with someone to get our own personal music for our videos instead of buying royalty free tracks online. If we found someone who I could really connect with artistically, I feel like our collaboration would really bump our videos up a level (or two).

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