Not enough time – #4

One of the downfalls of any summer internship is that just when you start to get into the swing of things, the internship is over. As I headed into my final two weeks at my internship, I definitely felt that way. It was re-assuring to hear from the team that they wanted me to stay. Unfortunately, due to a semester abroad this upcoming fall, I am not able to continue working part time, but it did feel really good to feel needed.

Working at a start-up is interesting because the opportunities to provide real value to the team and the project you are working on are far greater than in most traditional settings that I have worked in. And, because of that, I have had the opportunities to add some real, tangible value to the team. And, for a 2.5-month job, it is cool to have that sort of impact. As an Operations Intern, I do not have an exact job description, and that is very intentional. When starting a business, you need a few people that can keep all of the wheels turning behind the scenes so that everyone else can build great products and sell these products.

Through this role, I have developed a generalist perspective of what it takes to start and run a business. While I don’t know that start-ups will be the path I take in my career, I have a greater appreciation for what it takes, and the time that people put into making an idea a reality. So, I find myself incredibly grateful for this experience.

As I wrap up a few final projects for the summer, I find myself wanting that extra time to do a few more projects. One thing that is hard about the school year is it is hard to assess the value in whatever I am doing in the classroom. While I might learn some very interesting content, it is hard to see the value in what I did. That is what also makes this job so hard to leave, and makes me feel like there is not enough time. Come fall, I will walk back into the classroom and continue learning, but my time of making a real, tangible impact on the world through what I work on every day will take a bit of a pause.

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