On the Job

After around a week of learning about the company and what the people on my team were doing, I was finally given the responsibility of working on my own tasks.

In the beginning, my manager gave me simple jobs, such as going through the company’s members’ accounts and making note of which ones were late on payment. I used the company accounting software to add late fees to members invoices.

As I became more accustomed to using the company’s accounting and billing software, I also started corresponding directly with members to reconcile questions they had about their invoices and payments.

Some days were more interesting than others, and some were extremely boring, but I became pretty good at using the various software and also excel.

The last two weeks of the internship I was put on a team of five other interns to help the enterprise billing department at WeWork. This department deals with the accounts of larger businesses that use WeWork offices, such as Microsoft and Facebook. We were responsible for going through all enterprise accounts and seeing which ones had outstanding balances. After we figured out what accounts owed us money, we then made an itemized invoice using Chartio software and excel pivot tables to break down what was owed and sent it to the member. I found this project a lot more interesting than what I was doing before because I was working on a team and learning rapidly.


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