Reflecting | #5

On my last day at work, the other interns and I gave a short presentation reflecting on our time this summer. I attempted to upload parts of my presentation on this post but after trying 5 different ways I gave up. I’ll try to express the information in a blog post instead. First going into this internship, I intended to understand Medicaid policy,  network/develop professional relationships, and lastly improve my research skills. Looking back now, I think I was able to accomplish almost everything I wanted to do. I got to work in Medicaid during a time when it was one of the most talked about topics in the country. Especially being in DC, it was a great time to learn about the policy side of this issue. Next, in my presentation, I talked about what I learned from this summer. The lessons I learned include acknowledging the importance of policy work, the role of value-based care in Medicaid, and of course the mantra of the health care policy industry: “If you’ve seen one Medicaid program, you’ve seen one Medicaid program.”

Then we all decided to pick out some interesting facts that stuck with us from all the research we did throughout the summer. My two interesting facts were from our time researching the different Medicaid programs of each state. First, I found out that there is a Georgia House Bill (943) that prohibits government employees from advocating for Medicaid expansion. (Crazy right??) My second favorite was learning about how Hawaii was “crowned” the healthiest state for the 5th year in a row. After learning about Hawaii’s programs, that one wasn’t much of a surprise.

Lastly, to explore my future goals for my senior year and after graduation, I discussed my interest in global health. Before this internship, I only had a broad idea of what I wanted to do in public health. This position really helped me understand how the different networks of this industry work together. I am forever thankful for the insight and the opportunities this job gave me. On to the next.

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