Until Next Time DC – Blog #5

Throughout this summer, I have learned a lot from my experience at the Federal Judicial Center. I’m really grateful to have met all the people at work and through networking. On my last day, my supervisor took out our team’s interns as well as some of the other staff members to a restaurant near Capitol Hill called the Monocle. Due to its proximity to the Capitol, there were numerous autographed pictures of politicians inside. All the interns were given a certificate, a farewell card and a Supreme Court paperweight. I was surprised by all the gifts because I didn’t expect them at all. In reality, I also started worrying about whether it would weigh down my luggage actually.

If I could give any advice to future prospective interns in DC, it would be to always keep applying and never give up. There are also many local places to go to in DC that is beyond the National Mall. When in DC, definitely go to all the free networking events. Free events might mean free food but networking is always a plus. Lastly, I would recommend the Hirshhorn Museum because that’s my favorite museum in DC.

When I made my final round of giving out my thank you cards to everyone, it finally hit me how I would really miss working here. Of all my past internship experiences, this was the most informative and engaging. Since I have left DC, I’m ready to come back for Michigan in Washington in the fall. There are still a few touristy spots  haven’t checked off from my bullet list.

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