When Diversity Becomes Unity

When I think about diversity, separation and individuality come to mind–the things that are unique and distinguished. However, my unique passion for music and tremendous appreciation for live music became “normal” when I met my fellow interns and other people in the music festival industry. Suddenly that artist that I was used to introducing to people didn’t need any introduction. My peers already knew and listened to the same obscure artists, and loved the artists for the same reasons. It’s almost like when you find someone who has the same passion as you and gets you–I mean really gets you. It’s that mutual understanding that creates a strong bond that leads to interesting conversations and friendships.

Basically, I have found that I am able to instantly make personal connections and mutual understandings with my co-interns/people in the industry. What generally makes me super “out there” and “diverse” in society as a whole suddenly becomes normal in the music festival industry. Everyone plays instruments. Everyone has a passion for music. Sure, people want to make money, but people go into the music festival industry because of their passion for music.

I still remember the moment I first realized this connection. A group of us, about 10 interns, were all hanging out after our first day orientation and were talking about our reasons for exploring the music festival industry. Not one person said it was for the money. In fact, we all joked about how it’s difficult to make money in the music festival industry and then got into what our parents thought about it. Some people said that their parents weren’t too happy because of the money concern. Every single person was interning because of his/her passion for music. People in the music festival industry may have diverse backgrounds in terms of how they got into the industry, but the passion for music is what unites everyone.

Below is a picture of some of us hanging out at Lollapalooza. These interns are not only business connections, but also life-long friends.


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