#4. Favorite Experience as an Intern.

My internship, through the Office of Academic Initiatives, required that a a group of undergraduates and I to develop educational outreach programs for inner city high school students. Because I am from Detroit and I worked with many familiar high schools, I found this job to be very interesting and pleasing. Although I enjoyed the whole summer, my favorite experience was our final program, The Big House Program, that ran from August 6th-9th.

The Big House Program was a 4 day program with the purpose to guide inner city high school students with the college application process. Through this program, we created various spaces in which students were able to open up and share their stories and have a way to share/become aware of their identities. I really enjoyed that because as an inner city minority student myself, I am aware that there are not many times or opportunities in which we can do such thing. Therefore, I enjoyed being able to see these students learn about themselves and also aiding them with their first step into higher education.

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