Academic Reflection

As a student at Michigan I was very open to various career paths when I began my academic exploration as a communications and media studies major. The internship I had this summer helped me to clarify the type of media environment I wish to enter upon graduation. I’m excited to hopefully take on a marketing position at an entertainment-based company, like the one I was a part of this summer. More specifically, with my passion for music, I want to be surrounded with the musical culture I was emerged in throughout the past two months. This internship experience confirmed the well-established interest in the entertainment world that I’ve seeked out by centering my education at Michigan around communication types and the media.

As I approach my senior year of undergraduate education, I hope to take away the most from my studies to fully confirm what exactly interests me for my career path. As a working person, I have told myself that it is imperative that I love what I do. Moving forward, I will take this mantra and try to absorb every ounce of knowledge I can take from my final classes in order to understand the media industry fully and hopefully find a job that I love doing.

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