Blog #6: Onward

Before this internship, I had never worked in D.C. or worked in a legislative office. Although I’ve always been interested in government and politics, my experience has been on campaigns. After interning in the legislative office of Senator Murray, my desire to pursue a career in politics has been solidified. I’ve loved my time in Washington D.C. and I really hope to return after graduation. This internship has also made me realize that I really like both sides of politics and that I can work on campaigns or within a legislative office. In terms of next year, I’m really hoping to join a campaign as soon as I graduate. I’d love to work on a Senate reelection campaign or for a democratic challenger to an incumbent Republican Senator. At some point I really want to move back to Washington D.C. and work within a legislative office. I love the district and want to live here after college.


When I return to the University of Michigan I’m going to be taking a full course load both semesters.
While I’m not exactly excited to be taking 18 credits both semesters, I did take a year off and I’d like to graduate on time. While at school, I plan on being involved in student government. I was the communications director for the eMerge party this past spring and I’m applying to be the communications director of central student government. I’m also planning on getting involved with a campaign in Michigan once I’m back. I was a fundraiser for Hillary for America and I’m planning on using my connections to reach out to campaigns in the state to potentially intern for a campaign. My senior year is probably going to be pretty busy but I want to continue working on what I’m passionate about and staying involved in politics.

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