Blog 6: What an Experience

My experience here at the TGQ Law Firm has been one to remember. I loved coming in to work each day excited to learn something new and engage in different discussions that either related to law, law school, or current events. The different assignments given to me helped further my knowledge with different laws pertaining to the practice of Estates & Trusts, as well as the procedural process of going to court to either drop off or collect documents. Going to court and appearing in different hearings was definitely my favorite part to interning at a firm. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the court room setting and hearing litigating going on. The culture at the office was uniquely different. Surrounded by a majority of female attorneys, I was better able to relate the experiences they had endured to myself and was then better equipped with knowledge of what to expect in law as a woman. Grateful for the opportunity given, I am still determined and even more excited and eager to begin my journey officially as a law student. Seeing the daily requirements and tasks involved in Estates & Trusts, it has become a perspective career field – I still would like to be in something that involved more litigation and court interaction. I’ll try to intern at a firm involving those things to get a better idea of what it entails, until then I’m excited to see what the future has in store!

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