Blog 7. Cryospa Detroit

Working at Cryospa this summer I had the opportunity to meet many influential individuals within the organization. The reason I chose to connect with the individual that I did is because they might have the same path as what my future may hold. They played a sport professionally and then they were able to own a business that has a foot in the door in the sporting world. After my hockey career I want to go into business and obtaining my degree from Michigan will give me the best opportunity for that. What I learned from my interview with this person was to be a sponge and to make as many connections as possible through my sport and through school. They also went to a college and played a college sport so they had a lot in common with the goals that I am trying to reach. I am going to apply what I learned from this interview by reaching out to more outside resources for the remainder of this internship and in the future when not working for this company. I learned a lot of amazing things from this internship and I believe that it was very beneficial to the classes I should and want to take for the remainder of my time here at the University of Michigan and for what I want to get into when I leave school.

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