Blog 8. Cryospa Detroit

The person that I reached out to outside of the organization that I worked with this summer works for a very similar company. The reason I reached out and interviewed this person was because the two individuals had completely different paths to basically the same company. I wanted to learn what this individual did and learned throughout there years of college and early years out of school to reach where they are today. Ultimately I want to play professional hockey but if that doesn’t happen I want to be fully prepared to take on the business world if I don’t. Something I learned from my first interview was that you should make as many connections as possible through your sport, but this person didn’t play a sport so I wanted to learn the side of not having a sport to help you out because sports have many perks after playing a long successful professional career. I learned that you have to work your way up and when owning a small business there will be valleys and peaks but thats when you learn the most so you can never get to high on your highs and never to low on your lows. I am going to use everything I learned from this interview in school by reaching out to more non athletes and as well as start taking entrepreneurship classes to learn what its like to be a business owner. Eventually I would like to own my own business and after reaching out to this person I solidified that.

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