Blog Post #5: Internship final thoughts and impact

As I am approaching the end of my summer in the Martin Lab, it’s time to reflect on all I have learned and accomplished. My mentor, MD/PhD student Ethan, defended his PhD thesis this past week. One of the main projects in his thesis defense was the project I spent the greater part of my years in the lab (as well as the summer) working on. Our next step is to finish a few more things for the paper and then submit it to hopefully the “Development” scientific journal.

Throughout my time in the lab but particularly this summer, it has become clear to me that I want research to remain a part of my life after graduation from U of M. I hope to take a gap year between undergrad and medical school, and in that gap year I want to conduct research; either at a major university, large hospital, or the NIH or CDC. Though stressful at times, research provides the opportunity to advance a field of science through a bit of hard work every day, and I appreciate the opportunity I had this summer to learn hands-on about the direct importance of research in the medical setting.

Ronus H.

Incoming senior in LSA studying BCN!

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